Hi! I’m Tiffany Shen.
Motion & Graphic Designer
Hi! I’m Tiffany Shen.
Motion & Graphc Designer
(e) its.tiffanyshen@gmail.com

American Beauty

+Summer 2019
+Title Sequence
+Individual Project

+Special Thanks
Ming Tai—Professor
Sejin Park—Teaching Assistant
Create a title sequence for the film, American Beauty, using original photography.

American Beauty focuses on Lester and his family who struggle with the pressures of projecting a perfect family image. The image inevitably crumbles to reveal each character’s true self.

I was inspired by a mask that someone would put on to project an image of themselves. The removal of the mask would represent Lester’s awakening as he decides to react to the pressure and does what he wants. I narrowed this idea down further to glue peeling off of typography (main title), as it represents the characters as they shed their outer appearance of perfection and accept their true self.

Full Sequence

Full Sequence


Process & Exploration
When I first thought of the concept, the memory of playing with glue on my fingers from my childhood came to mind. So, I started with creating the surface of type that the “mask” would live on. Then, I would play with the amounts of glue I would use and the overall look of the peeling process. Another key part of the piece is the lighting. I experimented with using LED lights versus a small phone flash light.