Hi! I’m Tiffany Shen.
Motion & Graphic Designer
Hi! I’m Tiffany Shen.
Motion & Graphc Designer
(e) its.tiffanyshen@gmail.com


+Summer 2021
+Identity System
+Individual Project

+Special Thanks
Jason Yeh—Professor
Reddit is a diverse community of individuals interacting with each other. Openly communicating and collaborating are at the core of what connects each unique individual. Reddit aims to further connections through its subculture-driven identity system.

With this rebrand, I want to create a more inclusive brand package. The visual language plays with the idea of nondesign to create a canvas for Reddit users to customize. Also, pushing the use of technology for Reddit as a digital company and simplifying and organizing their complicated website.

The initial research of this project covered the current look and demographic of Reddit. I discovered that Reddit’s current users are predominately white males from the ages 18-30 years old. So with my identity system, I want to attract more users from diverse backgrounds to further the culture within Reddit.

Reddit’s pain points include difficult and confusing websites and users feeling like their freedom to post is being limited by the moderators.

The new logo plays with the “r/” that is well recognized among the Reddit community. The logo is flexible and adaptive to reflect ever-changing content.

Clear Space

Logo Animation

I decided to modify an existing typeface to incorporate the slash throughout the identity system. The alphabet and numbers are the original characters while the glyphs have been modified to follow the angle of the slash.

The business cards for corporate use and email blasts for Reddit to connect with their users.
Identity Collatoral Mockups


Digital Business Card
To emphasis the digital quality of Reddit, I created a scannable AR business card that would display the user’s information and balls to reflect the subreddits of the user.

To create more connections, Reddit has created a “Year in Review” digital booklet for each user. The first half will focus more on the general Reddit communities, while the second half will be personalized for each user based on their activity within the year.

Animated Spreads
Being a digital booklet, I created animations for a few of the spreads.

Series A
This series focuses on the diversity in Reddit by showcasing all the subReddits coming together.

Series B
This series focuses more on the posts and dialogue between users and the up and down voting system.

Series C
This set is a calendar focusing on social holidays throughout the year to bring more awareness to certain topics.

Series D
This last series is an extension of the brand that highlights the taglines, “Bridge our Singularity” and “Medley of Identities.” Using a digitally created graphic system to bring Reddit into a more current look.

The strategic plan is to use urban architecture and digital billboards to integrate the Reddit brand language within the city.