Hi! I’m Tiffany Shen.
Motion & Graphic Designer
Hi! I’m Tiffany Shen.
Motion & Graphc Designer
(e) its.tiffanyshen@gmail.com

Unspoken System

+Summer 2021
+3 Short Films

Art Direction: Tiffany Shen, Cathy Xiao
Conformity: Tiffany Shen
Ignorance: Cathy Xiao
Liberation: Cathy Xiao, Tiffany Shen

+Special Thanks
Miguel Lee—Professor
Phoebe Hsu—Mental Support
It’s easier to be a follower than a leader. The repetition of this behavior defines the rules of society. Over time, the pressure accumulates and the expectation to fit in creates an inescapable cycle. Through our three short narratives, we want to bring awareness to the corruption in society through the exploration of motion storytelling.

Using geometric objects as our main characters, we inject them with humanistic characteristics to create an emotional connection with the audience. By using recognizable sounds, we create a connection between the abstract world and reality. We explored self-doubt, frustration, and passive victimization through mood, character & sound design.

We chose to tell the story in 3 parts, focusing on each concept.

Click for each chapter.

Chapter I. Conformity

From a young age, we are taught to fit in, despite our innate desires to be different. As we grow up, we start to branch off and find ourselves. Society punishes those who refuse to conform by ostracizing and pressuring those individuals.

Chapter II. Ignorance

We are natural followers. Our instinct to stay in line can be so overwhelming to the point where we become oblivious to our surroundings. The ignorance has ingrained into us that it slowly encroaches on our life, resulting in severe consequences.

Chapter III. Liberation

We all have dreams and aspirations. The desire to want more drives us towards our goals. We can be blinded by our ambitions and become ignorant towards the sacrifices we have to make to get there.

Overall Process

Concepting Process

Our overall process began with brainstorming the key points we wanted to cover, followed by narrowing down to our 3 and constant revisions of each one.

Previs Process
Since the process relied heavily on editorial and timing, we moved immediately into creating our previs and animation tests.